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How we can help you and your financial future

The Boatman Financial Wealth Management Service can transform the way you manage your money and plan for the future. It allows you to plan for multiple financial goals simply and effectively.

Want to retire early? Want to manage your family wealth? Is Inheritance Tax a concern? Making the most of your investment? Are you taking advantage of discounts and rewards for having larger funds? Saving for a big occasion?

Lots of different companies, various investments, old employer pensions, current pensions, ISAs, investment bonds, shares and savings accounts. With you in the middle, not quite sure how to manage them all.

Investing is interesting. Paperwork isn’t. Especially when it uses up time and money that you could spend planning for the future.

Our Wealth Management Service or WRAP can transform the way you manage your money. Having all of your various investments held together in one place might sound simple. And it is. That’s the beauty of it.

WRAP works securely through the web, to let you see your financial assets in one place. It means that when you meet your financial adviser, hopefully us, you can both see the complete picture of portfolio, before you make any decisions. It’s a logical way to keep track of your investments. It’s convenient and time-saving too.

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