Saving for retirement is something that most of us put off for as long as we can. But the reality is that the sooner you start paying into a pension plan the higher your retirement income is likely to be.

It is important to choose how you take your retirement benefit and think about your needs both in the early years and later years of your retirement. Your circumstances may change during your retirement due to ill health or divorce so flexibility is important plus with the nation getting older, your income may need to last much longer than you anticipate.

Today’s retirees spend £1,084 per month on essentials (services, fuel, transport, housing and food). According to the Centre for Economics and Business Research's (CeBR), this is set to increase to £2,930 per month, or £35,500 per annum, by 2050, an increase of 148%!

Potential pension options include:

• Guaranteed Income – receive a set amount of income for life
• Get flexible access to your savings – take the income you need, when you need it
• Have it paid in cash – get your retirement savings paid as a lump sum
• Leave it for now – keep your savings where they are and give them a chance to

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