Auto Enrolment

Auto Enrolment is part of new legislation introduced by the government in October 2012. This legislation requires all UK employers to automatically enrol all employees that meet the qualifying criteria (depending on age and salary level) into a pension scheme. The scheme itself also needs to meet certain government requirements. This is being rolled out fully over a five and a half year period. UK companies with the largest workforce are first to participate, with their staging dates beginning in October 2012, followed by medium sized companies and finally small and micro companies.

Auto Enrolment has been introduced as people are simply living longer and have not been savings enough towards their income in retirement. This means people are enjoying a longer retirement and need to plan and save for their later years.

We have a competitively priced consultancy service that will help all small to medium sized businesses. We can help your business implement your new compulsory, auto-enrolment workplace scheme. Our service is designed to help you reduce the time you spend on administration, allowing you to focus on activities that add value to your business.

Auto Enrolment is regulated by the Pensions Regulator.

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